Bures Berry Patch - Barneveld, WI

3760 W. Brigham Road
Barneveld, WI 53507
Ph: 608-924-1404

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Because our hours and produce availability depend highly on weather as well as the crop, please check Now In The Patch or give us a call before heading out.

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Now In The Patch


Winter is over, Spring is here!

Never have we wanted winter to be more over.  What a hard, long and drawn out winter we have had here in southern Wisconsin.  We can finally say it is over.  But how did everyone fare?  At the Patch we managed well.  Our chickens stayed comfy cozy in their newly insulated coop.  And surprise of all surprises we were actually able to keep their water from freezing!  But the chickens are extra happy now to be outside exploring and feasting on things both popping out of the ground and hiding beneath it.

asparagusOur asparagus continues to be fruitful but the season may not last too much longer.  Be sure to make plans soon to come by and pick some up before the season ends.

Which leads me to our strawberry season update.  The strawberries are growing in size, but nothing red quite yet.  We anticipate our season to begin sometime between June 12th and June 18th.  Please check back for a more accurate opening date.

Please join us in eating fresh from the Patch!
Currently we are open 9-7pm.

Items available:

Pure Wisconsin Maple Syrup
Local Non-Pasteurized Honey
Rhubarb (please call ahead to pre-order)
Farm Fresh Eggs from our free ranging chickens

We hope to see you in the Patch soon!

Farmer Kathy

On a side note:  If anyone out there loves picking strawberries and would like to join our team of strawberry pickers.  Please call or send us an email for more information.

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